We gather in God's presence.
We hear God's story.
We are fed at God's table.
We are enriched by God's love.
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What to Expect

The Good News

Jul 17

The good news is that we don't always have to be doing something. The time we spend prayerfully meditating, thinking, listening, and being silent before the Lord is just as important as our "doing." What God really cares about is ...


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    The Star

    Apr 1

    Learn more about exciting activities happening at Epiphany in the latest issue of The Star newsletter. Consider how you may connect with Epiphany and the community...

    Latest News

    Prayers for Orlando

    Jun 13

    I ask you to keep in your prayers those who were killed and injured in the shooting in Orlando. I pray to God for an end to violence against all who are marginalized and urge each of you to be involved in the work of creating a more just church and ...