About Us

about us

We, The Episcopal Church of the Epiphany, like Danville, Virginia, the city where it is located, are in the midst of a period of rebirth, renewal, and revitalization.  

We are composed of young and old, black and white, native and non-native, straight and LGBTQ+, Democrat and Republican, soccer and football, we span the socio-economic spectrum.  We are united in the belief, as Bishop Michael Curry says, that if it’s not about love, it’s not about God.

We are striving to be more intentional in our acts and our actions.  We know that everyone is welcome to worship with us but we are working to make sure that everyone understands that. 

We are proud of the many ways that we have been leaders in the past, but we are aware of the fact that every generation has it own burdens and we must continue to regroup and bear the cross presented now.

We enjoy our company and welcome excuses to get together. We also believe that there are others in our community whose company would enliven and enrich us, but we need help to reach them.

We take pride in our beautiful sanctuary, lit by the sun through Tiffany windows, and in the soaring sounds emitted from our Andover organ. Additionally, our expansive physical space is well ordered for new endeavors and our dignified Rectory is in a leafy neighborhood ready to welcome a new family.  We are well aware that our physical plant is a monument to past achievements by our parish and that we have an obligation to honor those  by achieving as well.

We are aware that we are a “Main Street Church” and that our lack of electric guitars and our insistence on vestments is not trendy. But we believe that there is still a place in society for a worship service that seeks to exhalt our risen Lord by creating and maintaining a space where one is able to step away from the day-to-day affairs, is led to be silent and introspective, is caused to look upward, is reminded that they are members of a flock, and is comforted by the physical presence of the Good Shepherd.  We are happy to share it with you.