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Fr. Jon's Letter to the Parish: Pandemic Response Update

01.13.22 | Special Announcement | by The Rev. Jon R. Anderson

    Pandemic Response: Urgent Update
    January 6, 2022

    Dear Sisters & Brothers in Christ,

         As you may have seen already, the Bishop's Health Advisory Panel has urged the immediate suspension of in-person 
    public worship for the time being throughout the Diocese. This is due to the huge spike in coronavirus infections because of the Delta & Omicron variants throughout the Diocese. In Danville, as of Thursday January sixth, all of the relevant metrics are at the highest levels they've ever been during the pandemic.

         We are reminded in the Diocesan email that "our baptismal covenant to seek and service Christ in all persons and respect the dignity of every human beingis central to our commitment as Christians and lies at the heart of our response to the [current] threat the pandemic poses." Even though, as individuals, we may not personally feel the need to be more cautious at this time it is our Christian duty to do what we may to help protect and help others.

         I want you to know that we will return to in-person worship just a soon as it is safe for us to do so. I will continue to monitor the local metrics daily and also keep current with Diocesan advice and guidance. Importantly, I will continue to seek the guidance of Epiphany vestry member Jennifer White who is, as you know, a retired nurse and a key member of the Bishop's panel. We are lucky and blessed to have her as a member of the panel! A link to the Bishop's message is below.

    Your faithful servant in Christ,


    Bishop's Message