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eNews For The Week of May 23, 2021

05.23.21 | News | by Site Admin


    eNews For The Week of May 23, 2021

    Bulletin for This Sunday

     The Day of Pentecost

    There will be in-person worship on Sunday, May 23rd, at 10:00am EDT in the Nave. We hope you’ll be able to join us in-person this week. It is also Annual Meeting Sunday, details below.

    For those who continue to be unable to attend in-person there will be live-streamed online worship via Zoom at 10:00am EDT.

    Details about how to attend  in-person or online will continue to be posted weekly.


    Covid-19 Safety Protocols for Sunday, May 23rd.

    As you may know, new guidelines came out from the Diocese this past Tuesday. As a result we are in the process of developing guidelines for Epiphany. These parish guidelines will likely evolve, possibly week by week, so please be sure to read the eNews each week for information about the coming Sunday. * The good news is that things seem to be sustainably heading in the right direction.

    For this Sunday, May 23rd the following guidelines are to be followed:

    • If you are fully vaccinated ** you may attend without wearing a mask. For those who so choose you must sit on the right side (Pulpit side) and continue to follow previous distancing guidelines.
    • For those who wish to continue to wear a mask (vaccinated or unvaccinated) you must sit on the left side (Lectern side) and continue to follow previous distancing guidelines.
    • Singing is now permitted. But if you choose to sing you must wear a mask. In other words, if you choose not to wear a mask but do wish to sing you must wear a mask when singing.
    • Holy Communion will continue to be distributed as before using the World Communion Cups.

    * Please know that changes may need to be made ‘on the fly’ on any given Sunday morning. So please be patient, flexible and of good cheer as we all venture back toward a new post-pandemic normal.

    ** At this time vaccination status will be on the honor system. But if you have not yet been fully vaccinated please wear a mask to help ensure the health and safety of others who, while fully vaccinated and masked, may still be especially vulnerable.

    Thank you!

    Annual Parish Meeting
    This Sunday, May 23rd in the Nave after the 10:00am service.  We need every member to attend if at all possible.

    There will be a ‘Coffee Minute’ between the liturgy and the Annual Meeting. Coffee and water will be provided but please bring your own snack if you’d like something to eat.

    The plan is to also livestream the meeting on Zoom*. The Annual Meeting has been set up as a separate Zoom meeting with unique log-in/call-in credentials. So the Zoom for the liturgy will end and then a new Zoom will start for the Annual Meeting. We hope to begin the Annual Meeting by 11:15am if possible.

    * Streaming technology is not perfect. And we will make every effort to provide a Zoom option. But we can not guarantee it.

    Dear Church,

    I thought you might like to see what it takes to live-stream a Sunday morning service at Epiphany. As you can see in the photo there’s allot going on. To say that one (in this case Jennifer Hooper) must be able to multi-task very specialized and finicky technology is an understatement.  

    There are four monitors.

    1. The monitor on the far left shows the video ‘feed’ coming directly from the PTZ camera. This is where the image coming from the camera is ‘monitored’ to ensure it is functioning properly.
    2. The monitor just below that is Jennifer’s personal iPad which participates in the Zoom live-stream just as you do so she can see/hear what you see/hear.
    3. The monitor in the middle is the laptop that takes the separate video and audio feeds and combines them together using highly specialized software. The laptop is also the point from which the video and audio are uploaded to Zoom.
    4. The monitor on the far right allows Jennifer to see more at one time than is possible on the laptop screen alone. (If I’ve counted correctly there are six programs running at the same time, each of which controls some aspect of the live-stream.)

    You might also notice a mouse, headphones and a little red rectangular box (lower right).  The red box is connected directly to our now quite old sound system and makes it possible to feed the audio signal into the other hardware and software.

    Many parishes use similar setups with two people to operate them. Thank you Jennifer for your technical know how, grit, determination, calmness when things go haywire and most of all your willingness to take this on.

    Jon+ P.S. There are also at least two ‘dongles’ in the configuration.


    Box Fans Needed

    The Adult Services division of the Danville Department of Social Services (DDSS) is in need of new electric box fans. During the hot and humid summer months, some of their clients rely on fans to circulate air and stay cool. Epiphany would like to continue lending its support to DDSS by asking our members to purchase new electric box fans.

    Please bring your fans to church and place them in the parlor by Sunday, May 30. If you would like to contribute money toward the purchase of fans, please text or call Laura Sadler at 434-770-8367. Our Outreach volunteers will deliver our donated items to Social Services on Monday, May 24 before the scorching heat of summer arrives.

    Thank you for your support.

    The parish office is open!
    Office hours are Monday to Thursday from 9:00am - 2:00pm. The new phone system is now up and running smoothly. During office hours there is a phone in the lobby if you need to reach a staff member. The card to the right of the phone provides the details you’ll need. (see the photo) As always please feel free to call  Fr. Jon  anytime at  (434) 710-1933.

    New extension numbers are listed below.
    Fr. Jon Anderson ext. 6
    Pei-Yi Ho ext. 5
    Kylie Miller ext. 4
    Jennifer Hooper ext. 3
    2021 Pledge Envelopes: Pledge envelopes continue to be available for pick up in the Narthex on Sunday mornings.

     Hymn Friday

    Here is the next installment of Cameron Grimes’ Hymn Friday project. You can find all of his recordings on his Facebook Page and his YouTubePageEnjoy!


    Changes to Zoom worship “credentials” continue this week

    In order to continue to do what we can to ensure that our Sunday morning worship on Zoom is not interfered with please remember the following:

    • password is now required to join Zoom worship instead of the “waiting room” feature.
    • Each week there will be a new Meeting ID number & password.
    • The weekly meeting credentials (ID# & password) will only be available via the MailChimp eNews email distribution and/or the bulletin.
    • If you have been “logging on” by clicking the link in the eNews email you may not notice these changes.
    • If you have been manually entering the details on your device or calling in on the phone you will need to adapt to these new weekly changes.

    This Week At Epiphany
    • Tuesday 5/25: 5:00pm Disciple’s Dinner
    • Tuesday 5/25: 7:00pm Centering Prayer with Drue via Zoom
    • Thursday 5/27: 12:00pm Disciple’s Lunch
    • Sunday 5/30: 10:00am Holy Eucharist In-Person and via Zoom
    Details for all Zoom events can be found HERE
    Birthdays this week: Kurt Lindquist (23rd) and Katherine See (23rd).  

    Birthday Prayer
    Watch over your servant Millie O Lord as her days increase; bless and guide her wherever she may be. Strengthen her when she stands; comfort her when discouraged or sorrowful; raise her up if she falls; and in her heart may your peace which passes understanding abide all the days of her live, through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen.

    Anniversaries this week: None
    Anniversary Prayer
    Gracious God, we lift up your servants (Name) And (Name). to in thanks for your love. Guide them as they grow and surround them with your grace, that they may walk close to you and to each other always; through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen.

    Parish Prayer List:
    We are in the process of rebuilding the parish prayer list and we need your help. If you would like the name of a loved one placed on the parish prayer list and listed each week in the eNews please reply directly to this email. You may also call or text Fr. Jon at (434) 710-1933.

    This week we pray for:
    Ken Stokes, Geneva Myers, Marie McKenzie, Pei-Yi Ho & Epiphany (H1B Visa); Jesse Riley; Todd Miller and Sarah (and baby Nolan) Reed.