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Prayer For Our Brothers And Sisters In Japan And Ecuador

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O blessed Lord, be with our sisters and brothers in Japan and Ecuador. We pray for those who mourn. For those who work in rescue and healing. For those who are injured and suffering. For those who are now homeless. Be with us all. Be with those in the midst of these disasters. Be with us as we discern how we will respond. For we are bound together in all things, through your love. +

Episcopal Relief and Development is consistently rated well by Charity Navigator, with only 5.9% of expenses spent on administration. They work in areas affected by disasters both in response and in rebuilding. Explore their website,, to learn of all their efforts. There is a "DONATE NOW" button, should you want to contribute. Simply scroll down to choose "Disaster Response". You may also want to explore volunteering with them! Under "WHAT WE DO - U.S. DISASTER PROGRAM" is a small red box which has a link "Ready to Serve". Consider how you might want to participate in this work when needed.

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