"Lex orandi lex credendi"
"How you pray is how you believe"

Christian formation is the lifelong process of growing in our relationship with God, self, others, and all creation. Every experience in our lives can provide us with the opportunity to express our faith; the challenge we face is recognizing these opportunities and learning ways to live a sometimes countercultural life in a secular world. Christian formation is what trains and allows us to understand and recognize the culture of the kingdom of heaven. That is what formation does. It does not give us a ‘pass’ to get in to heaven, so to speak; formation actually makes us citizens of God's kingdom. Like any country, our heavenly nation has its own language (Scripture), customs, idioms (ways of speaking about things), and its own context for viewing everything in this life, and the next. It is not simply becoming accustomed to a Christian way of doing things. It is transformative, and requires attention to the interior life. Cultivating attentiveness in the spirit and stillness in the heart in order to listen to the Holy Spirit; these take work, guidance, and experience.

Christian formation happens wherever people gather in worship, to pray or study, to do mission or practice stewardship – whenever we engage each other. Wherever two or three are gathered, Jesus is present and is forming us. So then, Christian formation is not something we do but something Christ does within us. Our task is to create and support opportunities for us to be together, to grow in the knowledge, service, and love of God.  Consider that God had a hand in leading us together. Your life and ours are enriched when we are together. Perhaps the most formative activity for new Christians is worship, but as we grow we require new opportunities to allow Christ to work within us. Please consider the structure of your life, and reconsider how it may be restructured to join us in these intentional formation opportunities.

“Direct us, O Lord in all our doings with thy most gracious favor, and further us with thy continual help; that in all our works begun, continued, and ended in thee, we may glorify thy holy Name, and finally, by thy mercy obtain everlasting life; Through Christ our Lord. Amen." - The Book of Common Prayer

The Online Book of Common Prayer



“Wherever you are on your walk of faith, you are welcome at this table.”