Life Events

Life Events 

As a church and a congregation, we celebrate milestones in our lives through the sacraments of our faith. There are times of celebration and times when we comfort one another as we move through the course of our lives on this earth. Doing these things together, as a community of faith provides love, respect and comfort for each of us as we walk our pathway to Christ.


When two persons decide to devote their love and lives to one another, they do this in the company God, family and friends through the sacrament of marriage. This allows the church community to support them in their commitment and their lives together.


The Baptismal Covenant describes both the promises of a life in Christ and the responsibilities of a person to our Lord. This is a time of celebration in the church as we come together to support this person in their commitment to God and pledge our willingness to help them grow on the love of God.


The liturgy for the dead is an Easter liturgy in the Episcopal Church. It finds all its meaning in the resurrection. This is where we walk our fellow congregants to Jesus as he meets them and takes them home.

Please report deaths as soon as possible. Arrangements for the service are made with the
rector. A funeral guideline is available and is used to help facilitate the service.