First Fruits

 "All things come of thee..." - 1 Chronicles 29:14 

Funding Our Ministries

Stewardship / Giving

For 175 years Epiphany has been at the corner of Main and Jefferson. During this time, Epiphany has played an important role in the physical and spiritual life of Danville. We might say we have been on the corner that intersects faith and community. We began the Free Clinic, and helped organize DOVES and God's Storehouse. For years we had the only HIV/AIDS food pantry. We helped clothe people for years through the Budget Box. Everyday people living in and around Epiphany are experiencing sustenance and care through our many direct and indirect ministries, especially through the Disciple Meals.

On Sunday mornings, this beautiful and sacred space, which we love so much, offers us a space to give thanks for our many blessings and comforts those who are facing challenging times.

We believe Epiphany is very much alive, and donations enable us to maintain this beautiful facility for worship and for service as we live into God's call for this church. We give thanks and humbly receive any and all gifts given, considering them as investments in God's kingdom.

Elizabeth Bortz Bustard Trust  (b. April 25, 1899 – d. July 19, 1986)

In her will, Mrs. Bustard left funds to a wide variety of charitable organizations and institutions of learning.  She entrusted our church to carry out her wishes through two ministries. First is to foreign missions, especially those related to missionary hospitals.  The Outreach Commission, chaired by Wanda Vaughan and Chris Adcock, attends to this task. Most recently they designated $5,000 to help with the Ebola outbreak in Liberia.  

Each year we present a check to Joyce E. Douglas, chair of our diocesan United Thank Offering ministry.  Mrs. Bustard asked that this annual gift be named the Elizabeth Bortz Bustard Thank Offering.  I believe she did so in order to impress upon us the thankfulness she felt for all that she had received in life.

Thankfulness.  Her bequest is an example for all of us.

The United Offering began at the General Convention of 1889. This fund is said to begun in the following way. During the Women's Auxiliary meeting of the 1886 General Convention, about five hundred women were present for the worship service. Mrs. Ida Soule, then serving as a delegate from Pittsburgh, helped to count the offering. She was dismayed to find a meager collection of eighty-seven dollars. She suggested that if the women knew where their money was going, they might be inspired to contribute more generously. She was urged to write a letter suggesting that, just before the next Triennial Meeting, the offering be earmarked for a specific project. Julie Chester Emery, the national secretary of the Women's Auxiliary, would publish the letter in “The Spirit of Missions” and announce the designated recipient of that year's offering.

The Mission of the United Thank Offering is to invite people to offer daily prayers of thanksgiving to God and to offer outward and visible signs of those prayers which will benefit others. We might think of Mrs. Bustard’s UTO designation in her will as a way that, even at her grave, she continues to make her song, Alleluia, Alleluia, Alleluia!

Schoolfield Trust

This Trust was established through the wills of Howard W. Church and Bland Schoolfield Church. Upon her death, Mrs. Church desired to honor her father Robert Addison Schoolfield. Robert Schoolfield, along with his brothers, John Harrell Schoolfield and James Edward Schoolfield, were founding members of a mill company which eventually was named Dan River Mills. Mrs. Church dearly loved her father and created this memorial fund in his honor.

Williamson Trust



“Wherever you are on your walk of faith, you are welcome at this table.”